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Ash Lockmun






Coaching and supporting developers

Lead by example, 1on1s, pair review, goals & objectives.

Accomplished Software Engineer

Over 8 years of development experience in multiple industries.

Strong communication skills

Effective communication between POs, developers, scrum masters & HoD.

Agile software development

SCRUM & Kanban methodologies and frameworks.

User experience

Building for the end user: keeping clear & consistant.

Continuous integration

Making life easier for developers, automating processes, SCA, CD

MY Work

latest posts

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CSS Structure

Scalable CSS - ITCSS (Inverted Triangle CSS) methodology.

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Situational Leadership

What is situational leadership?

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DISC is a tool that I can use to help me understand people's behaviour better in given circumstances.


Work with me

I love developing and working on great user experiences and I truly believe understanding the product and the user will create the best user interface.

I am currently located in the Netherlands please use any method possible to contact me about enquiries regarding careers & opportunities.

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